Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019
Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019

One huge new change you will find in DDS: Pro Football 2019 is that in career mode you’ll be putting yourself in the game. The first thing you’ll notice in our screenshots is that the UI has been totally revamped and rebuilt from the ground up to give you better access to the game information. Everything you need is just one click away with our expanded new side game menu.

We’ve got a brand new depth chart here offering you different packages you can save and switch between. You’ll be able to assign use of those packages for each formation ensuring you have the optimal lineup on the field at all times.

For the utmost in control, create your own custom playbook. Each play is laid out in detail now and you’ll be able to quickly and easily put together a playbook that best suits your team.

What would all these strategy options be if you only had the final score to rely on? Take a look at the play analysis and see how every play you have run has stacked up against every defense your opponent has thrown at you. Don’t forget to check the flip side too to see how your defenses are holding up. Use this info along with the custom playbook option to build precisely the right strategy to lead your team to victory!

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