Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019
  • NEW depth charts and custom playbooks : new depth chart options give you the ability to create and name different packages so that you can fine tune your depth chart to perfection and then create your own custom playbooks with each play laid out in detail so you can put together exactly the playbook you want.
  • NEW full play analysis : every play that is run by and against you is tracked so you can view which plays are working (and which aren’t) – use this information to make that playbook really unstoppable!
  • NEW player responsiveness : players have even more depth now as they can provide details to you in the expanded contract offering section. Find out if a player would be happy to join your team or if he can’t wait to catch the next plane out of town when his contract ends.
  • NEW contract improvements : promise roles to players, offer different types of bonuses and chose how you want to distribute the contract for the maximum use of your cap now and in the future!
  • NEW totally redesigned UI : we’ve stripped the interface down and totally rebuilt it. Everything is just a click away and easy to navigate around!
  • NEW game modes : create yourself as the general manager and play in two different modes offering you different levels of control – also try out the brand new increased AI difficulty option to really put your skills to the test!

For the utmost in control, create your own custom playbook. Each play is laid out in detail now and you’ll be able to quickly and easily put together a playbook that best suits your team.

What would all these strategy options be if you only had the final score to rely on? Take a look at the play analysis and see how every play you have run has stacked up against every defense your opponent has thrown at you. Don’t forget to check the flip side too to see how your defenses are holding up. Use this info along with the custom playbook option to build precisely the right strategy to lead your team to victory!

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