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GoalLine Stand Football

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GoalLine Stand Football
GoalLine Stand Football

Open Source Project for an American Football Management Simulation type game(like Football Manager, OOTP Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager, etc). Coded in VB.Net/C#

Specifically, this game utilizes some pretty cool hybrid technology, leveraging DotNetBrowser and the Chromium Embedded Framework to render the UI in HTML/Javascript/Angular with a .NET backend and uses the supplied DotNetBrowser bridge between the two to pass data back and forth(very similar to what can be done with ASP.NET but without the need for a server or website). It allows for a rapid, beautiful rich UI to be built while allowing for the control and features of the .NET environment. We are at a very stable point now to take off quickly as all the kinks are worked out between the two technologies and things work as they are supposed to. The time savings over using WPF to build the UI is staggering...there are instances of being able to write a single line of code in HTML utilizing angular that would take 22 lines of code in WPF. And this is the norm, not the exception.

I could really use anyone looking to contribute to the front end as that is where I have ben focusing a lot of attention on recently, which would allow me to continue with the nuts and bolts on the back end. But if anyone is a .NET(C# or VB.Net) programmer I could use your help as well, and I will just continue working on the UI. I just feel there is a lot of complexity with some of the algorithms I have built into the backend so the frontend would be much easier to just jump into and contribute to off the bat. Either way, I am simply looking for help. And what I mean by help is someone willing to actually work on the project from a code standpoint with me. I've had plenty of people who have said they want to help but then don't actually write a single line of code. So my goal is to find a few people who want to write code and want to see this game released.

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