Close But No Cigar

User Rating: 6.9

While MLB Manager is a fun game and does fill a huge hole in my personal gaming wishlist (I’ve been a fan of OOTP for years,) it does leave a lot to be desired.

There is a lot to love about this game:

  1. It has accurate rosters for both the majors and minor leagues (I’m pretty sure down to rookie ball!)
  2. Stats are calculated using the same engine as OOTP
  3. In fact, everything is pretty much OOTP Pocket Edition

There is also a lot to not love

  1. Even on a team with a large market, like the Cardinals, it is extremely difficult to extend contracts because of the low amount of money you receive in your budget
  2. The UI is like a clunkier version of OOTP, very hard to navigate if you’re inexperienced
  3. Building a decent team is EXTREMELY hard, though that just may be me
  4. The touch controls are just slightly off, which makes doing everything slower
  5. The game moves SUPER slowly

Like I said, this game is like a pocket version of OOTP (minus some features). It even includes the full broadcast simulation style. Where OOTP falls short, this game just falls a little bit shorter. The cluttered, awkward UI and bad touch controls don’t help. In all honesty, I’m thinking about getting a Windows tablet so I can just play a full copy of OOTP on the go. Even with it’s shortcomings, this is still a good game, and I’m looking forward to the improvements in the next version.