World of Mixed Martial Arts WMMA5

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World of Mixed Martial Arts WMMA5
World of Mixed Martial Arts WMMA5

World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 Features

  • 1-8 players can take control of MMA organisations around the world or choose to simply watch the game world evolve over time.
  • Use your scouting network to search the globe for future superstars, negotiate with them to sign contracts, then match them up against other fighters on your shows.
  • The most detailed and realistic fighters ever in a WMMA game, with the new Attribute system allowing even more individuality and accurate simulations.
  • Contains an ultra-powerful fight simulator, giving you a blow-by-blow account of each bout.
  • The game world evolves on a daily basis to create a lively, diverse, and unpredictable environment in which to play. There are more events and possible incidents than ever before to keep things interesting.
  • Deal with contracts, morale, promotional work, hype…this is the deepest MMA sim available.
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