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Web Sim Hockey goes Mobile

It’s been over a year since Web Sim Hockey 2 has been launched and they would like to thank everyone for helping them go through this transition period.

You have efficiently assimilated the new features and your suggestions have helped them improve the game concepts when necessary.

After this significant development had been achieved, WebSimHockey decided to go on with the community’s most popular request for the past few years: Web Sim Hockey Mobile .

Going mobile is a must

The need of a fully responsive website is essential in a world where mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Therefore, after many months of efforts, we are very proud to unveil the details of this change that will improve the navigation on all your devices.

One site for all your devices

Using your cell phone, tablet or PC, you can now choose between β€œstandard” or “mobile” site.

Regular site features (PC and laptops):

  • Main menu is fixed at the top of the screen when you scroll the page down
  • Slight modifications to the site header
  • Content width adapts to your screen resolution
  • Change league by clicking the league logo in the top menu bar


Mobile site features:

  • Navigation adapted for mobile devices (menus, adapted content)
  • Every feature in every page is now working 100%
  • New chat version embedded in the right column.

Important: Although the site recognizes the right version for you and remembers it, you can still switch versions manually, using the settings icon in the main menu bar.
Other improvements

We added other features, including:

    • New information about your finance situation, located in the right column, such as your payroll buffer before a suspension, or with your owner budget.
    • When receiving a chat message, a bubble shows up on the top right corner of your screen with a preview of the message. Click on the message to open the chat box to continue the discussion.
    • Error/Success messages are now always visible at the top
    • Improve the way pictures are displayed in the news feed
    • When a news article is published, the main image is now showing in the news feed
    • You can now sort the cities in priority order during the city draft and election step. After 48hrs, the draft is automatically completed using the list saved by the GMs.


Many teams are available FOR FREE!

Hundreds of future GMs like yourself registered in the past few weeks, hurry up to claim an available team while there are still some left up for grab!

To do so, here’s what you need to do:
1. Connect to the site with your email address and password
2. You will be redirected to your News Feed
3. Follow the instructions in the image below to claim a team

Once your join request is sent, you must wait until the league commissioner accepts it. You can apply on as many Interim GM positions as you want, there is no limit.

Site : www.websimhockey.com

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