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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2016, Now available (PC)

As per the press release from Wolverine Studios, GM Games is providing an update on their new College Basketball release.

March means one thing to college basketball fans – NCAA TOURNAMENT MARCH MADNESS. Here’s your inside look at what to expect in the latest version.


The most noticeable change in DDS:CB 2016 is the all new UI. Redesigned to be a much brighter and more intuitive interface the new UI gives you access to more data with a premium on functionality. For our users looking to make the most out of large screen resolutions you have a bevy of new information windows displayed to you and for all users you will find that we have redesigned screens like the Recruiting Player Card or the Team Strategy pages to make the information easier to read and easier to use. We assembled a team of some of the most hardcore DDS:CB fans out there as part of the development process and all these great little tweaks and improvements to functionality and navigation are direct suggestions from this team. After all, who knows what would make the game better than the gamers?


We’ve added some all new items to the mix this version that will bring you deeper into the game world while letting you enjoy it more freely. With so many players in the college basketball universe it may seem like a daunting task to keep track of them. Enter the all new league news stories relating game by game performances of the top players as well as impressive individual efforts by the rest of the association’s players. Now you’ll really be able to keep tabs on who the best players are in your game world and know more about them.

Speaking of keeping tabs – have you ever found it a tiresome task to remember what instructions you have given your players? You know you assigned your star point guard a tutor because otherwise he’s going to be a star towel waiver when grades come out but you don’t remember when you did it and you don’t want to let him go even a week without tutoring. Well check out the redesigned Coach Notepad – you still have a section for keeping whatever notes you like; important reminders like to check the clock and see if its 2AM again when you have to get up for work the next day but now the game is going to populate your notepad with notes about all of your players who are “on instruction” so you have all that info in one location and can access it from any screen you want.

We’ve added some new reports as well like the Team Stats page which will now let you compare your team to others in your conference or across the entire association stat for stat in one easy to use and easy to access report.

We also have taken steps to make the gameplay a better experience. Users with large resolutions will now get a view of both the players in game and on the bench in the main game window and hotkeys have been added to control the speed and playback of the game. For those who are anti-mouse click these new hotkeys will be exactly what you are looking for.


There have been many changes in the college basketball world since the last version of the game and we’ve made sure to reflect them in DDS:CB 2016. Games employ new shot clock and timeout rules, we’ve updated all of the conferences with the proper teams and either changed or added new conference tournament structures to account for the way things currently stand. It is not just the rules that have changed though – we have gone through and updated the simulation engine as well to account for a more modern day pace and style of play. If you had mastered your game planning before don’t worry – you still have all the offensive and defensive features you’re familiar with at your disposal but we have modified some items in the engine to make their impacts felt on an even more realistic scale.


Everyone knows that college basketball starts with the recruits you bring in and in DDS:CB 2016 we’ve altered the recruiting landscape some to strengthen the AI and up the challenge to you. One thing long time gamers will find is that your coach’s recruiting ability doesn’t increase as fast as it used to. On top of that we’ve made the AI even smarter in trying to determine which recruits it should go after. Plus with the recruiting difficulty option you can select just how tough you want the AI to be so that you can customize the challenge for your enjoyment.


You don’t have to lose track of your favorite players after their collegiate careers come to an end. You can export your players to our pro game and watch their careers continue on.



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