‘Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021’ what you need to know about First Access!

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021

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‘Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021’ what you need to know about First Access!

Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021 is just around the corner and, after what feels like an eternity of waiting, Wolverine Studios have dropped a number of exciting new features ahead of the full release date.

So how does Wolverine Studios take their basketball simulation game and improve it? As Walt Disney once said, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.” The same holds true for Wolverine Studios – it’s all in the details.

With the additions of the “Slybelle Real World Mod (Team Logos, Names)” and the “GM Games – Pro Photo Pack (Player, Draft, Coach, Court Photos)” you’ll be playing a franchise mode full of graphics, realism and life. Mods are here: https://www.wolverinestudios.com/board/viewforum.php?f=328


Details Matter…

Wording is courtesy of Wolverine Studios – Let’s take a look at the player card for example. In order to plus the presentation we’ve completely redone the player and jersey models in this year’s game to make the players more vibrant and come alive better. We also completely changed the header to provide not only a more attractive view but also make the detail a bit easier to read. As for the card itself we’ve totally redone the ratings display and added a brand new player type feature so that you can quickly see with colors and icons who are exceptionally skilled players.

The end result – a beautiful and vibrant player card that delivers you the info you need in an attractive and clear manner.

DDSPB21 Player Card with Slybelle Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack

Speaking of redesigns take a look at the new dashboard screen and the new look at your team roster. Replacing simple text we have full color clickable mini cards that have all the info you need on each player. The gain here? You’re able to constantly visualize your players and that’s key. This is just one of the steps we have taken this year to bring your players to life. Not only do they still have their individual play styles that make them unique pieces to your team’s puzzle but we’ve taken steps such as this to really help you to find that attachment to them. They’re not just names and ratings – they’re YOUR players.

DDSPB21 Dashboard with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack Mod

If you’re a veteran of the 2020 version you’ll also notice that the flow has been changed in terms of the links to make more sense. Now your left side contains the league and then team specific links while the top contains information pertaining to your player in the game. It’s little details like this that go a long way in making your experience better.

Immersion Is King…

One thing that felt important in making you connect with your league is telling the story of other players in the league so we have introduced milestone tracking in this year’s game. The game already contained a rich and deep almanac that you can peruse at your leisure to remember the good old days of the league but we wanted to add something new that connects you with the players and their personal quests to achieve greatness during the course of your league. Not only can you check out these milestones any time you would like but you’ll also get notifications of them while you simulate the league so that you always know when those important milestones have been reached.

Speaking of those notifications do you ever feel that while simulating that you’re missing out on too many things? Now you’ll receive notifications specific to your team after each game so you know how your team and top players performed as well as notifications about injuries, trades, special events such as triple doubles and the aforementioned milestones so that you always have your finger on the pulse of the league.

DDSPB21 Fast Sim & Toasters with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack Mod


Making Good Into Great…

This year’s version is chalk full of other important improvements such as the major work that went into trading. As you can see we’ve now given you tools to make trading more intuitive for you while at the same time making the already smart AI even smarter. You now get to see what sort of building stage the other teams are in as well as their biggest needs. Don’t want to wait for trade block offers? Add a player to a trade and ask the team for an offer on the spot now. We’ve even added the ability to perform sign and trades during free agency. We’re not only increasing the realism and presentation of the game world but we’re continuing to make it deeper and deeper with new features like these.

DDSPB21 Trading with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack Mod

We didn’t even let the boundaries of immersion stop with DDS: Pro Basketball 2021. In the past you’ve been able to link your league with a DDS: College Basketball league to import rookies automatically. That’s nice functionality but why stop there? This year when you link leagues you’ll be able to check out the standings from your college league as well as see the rosters and stats for each team in the scouting section. The only reason you’ll have to leave the game is to actually proceed the college league in DDS:CB – everything else about the league will be at your fingertips in the game – even the ability to tag players you want to monitor for future drafts!

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