November 2020


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Football Manager (FM21) 2021

STAMP YOURย STYLE Let others feel the impact of your words and know what sort of manager you are via the overhauled interaction system.ย Express yourself like never before with brand-new gestures. Get your point across clearly with more varied conversations and benefit from new ways to communicate in press confere...[Read More]



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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021

WHATโ€™S NEW IN 21? Enjoy new ways to play such as starting in the off-season with the draft and free agency or try new Universe Mode which allows you to control multiple teams while easily being able to switch control back and forth. The presentation factor has been turned up! New player/coach/rookie cards and a...[Read More]


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Football Manager Mobile 2021

Make your mark on the beautiful game in FM21 Mobile, the fastest way to achieve footballing greatness. Feel the buzz as you effortlessly craft the perfect squad and tactical approach thatโ€™s guaranteed to pick up silverware, wherever and whenever you want. Featuring more than 60 leagues from 24 of the top footballing...[Read More]


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National Hero

Every country has them. They believe they can win it all. They dream of fame and glory. They are soccer fans. But there is only one who makes the decisions. Only one who leads his men to sensational victory. Or devastating defeat. Are you ready for the grind? NATIONAL HERO isn't your typical soccer manager game - exce...[Read More]


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Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2021

Start your career as head of the team of your choice, be they rookies or legends, and lead your players to victory! For this, you must not only recruit and train your players, but you must also take part in live games, giving on-court instructions. You must also ensure successful day-to-day operations by managing club ...[Read More]


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Soccer Manager Elite

Buy the right players, play the right tactics and compete against other managers. Like a real manager, you will need the backing of your clubโ€™s shareholders. Get paid a wage by the club. OWN THE CLUB Buy and sell shares in the clubs whose value may increase if the manager is successful on the pitch or transfer mark...[Read More]