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National Hero

Every country has them. They believe they can win it all. They dream of fame and glory. They are soccer fans. But there is only one who makes the decisions. Only one who leads his men to sensational victory. Or devastating defeat. Are you ready for the grind?

NATIONAL HERO isn't your typical soccer manager game - except you do not manage club sides, you go straight to the most coveted manager jobs in the world: this game puts you in the driver seat of an entire soccer nation. Your boss is thrilled. Of course he is, it was his decision to hand the keys to you. But can you convince your fans, the media and above all your players that this decision was the right one? Can you lead your country to the top, do you have what it takes to win the most important soccer tournaments in the world? It's all in your hands now. This is your chance to prove it. Legends write their own stories!

There are no hidden fees. You can load and test the game for free. If you like it and you would like to continue your manager career beyond the testing period, you can buy it. It's a one-time purchase so no subscription required.

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