The Puck Drops on Franchise Hockey Manager 8

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The Puck Drops on Franchise Hockey Manager 8

The Franchise Hockey Manager series returns for the 2021-22 season with plenty of new additions.

OOTP Developments and Com2uS has packed many new features and improvements into it. Driven by community feedback. FHM 8 is their strongest entry yet in the longstanding NHL®-licensed PC hockey strategy series.

[This press release is made courtesy of OOTP Developments]

Choose one of dozens of leagues around the world and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize: FHM 8 is licensed by the NHL®, allowing you to take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the Stanley Cup®.

Take control of a national team and try for international supremacy. Choose a historical game, where you can begin in any year in NHL® history right back to the beginning in 1917. Or if you’d like to create your own customized league, you can do that as well!


Release the Kraken!

Draft your own version of the expansion Seattle Kraken or enter the league with their real lineup.

Take control based on in-game events

Alter players’ styles and tactics in response to game events.

All new for Franchise Hockey Manager 8:

  • NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM!: Build your Legacy with the new financial system, allowing you much more control over your budget and operations.
  • NEW ON-ICE DECISIONS!: You directly influence your players’ choices on the ice!
  • UP-TO-DATE 2021-2022 NHL® ROSTERS: The fans are back in the stands, and we have fully-updated rosters, teams, leagues, and stats for the 2021-2022 NHL® season!
  • A LIVING, BREATHING HOCKEY WORLD!: New rumours, news stories, and new stats reveal your hockey world.
  • IMPROVED 2D GAME MODE!: The 2D game system has undergone many changes to improve player behaviour, animation, and statistical output, and received some new graphics and aminations too!
  • REALISTIC HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Junior, College, and European leagues in historical games have been significantly fleshed out, so young players will no longer just be free agents before they’re signed or drafted, and the Sponsorship/Affiliate system that was used by the NHL up until the 1960’s is now simulated as well.
  • BUILD YOUTH SYSTEMS: European teams will now be able to take steps to improve the quality of the young players entering their youth systems.
  • ADJUSTABLE TRADE DIFFICULTY: Trading difficulty can now be adjusted, allowing for easier or more difficult trade negotiations – or nearly impossible ones!
  • MORE POSTGAME FEEDBACK! A new postgame analysis screen points out the good, the bad, and the ugly of both teams’ performances.
  • WATCH HIGHLIGHTS: 2D Mode now has a “highlights” option that’ll allow you to view only the game’s key moments, or just the goals.
  • NEW CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Custom games can now add tournaments that allow the participation of teams from multiple leagues, and can add new leagues after the game has started.
  • YOUR OWN NOTEPAD: Players now have a user-editable “Notes” view that can be used to record your own notes, reminders, etc. regarding them.
  • HOCKEY CARDS! We’ve added a new “hockey card” style for displaying player portraits on some screens.

FHM 8 is big, bold, and packed with improvements – continuing to build on the foundation of the long-running hockey strategy series.

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