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Out of the Park Developments, founded in 1999, is the premiere US-Sport simulation & management game development company on the planet. Our games set the standard in terms of realism, features, customizability, replay value and fun. The goals of Out of the Park Developments are both simple and attainable. We are going to concentrate on elevating our sports simulation games to the highest possible level, covering all aspects of the respective sports and supporting the simulations to the fullest. All simulations produced by Out of the Park Developments will continue to mature on a regular basis. Each sport will be subject to constant scrutiny and as new technology emerges, it will be applied to existing products to make them more accurate, more enjoyable and easier to play than prior versions.


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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 24)

Manage your favorite baseball team from the front office and in the dugout. Unprecedented depth, beautiful 3D views of the action, and total control of your franchise! 2023 MLB Opening Day rosters including all the real minor leagues โ€“ fully licensed by MLB, the MLBPA and Minor League Baseball. Many international an...[Read More]



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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 22)

Out of the Park Baseball 22 - the 22nd version of the award-winning sports strategy series - is a giant leap forward for the beloved franchise. Unmatched depth, authenticity licensed by MLB and the MLBPA, and a bounty of offline and online gameplay make Out of the Park Baseball 22 an unparalleled experience! โ€œOOTP i...[Read More]


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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 23)

New features in OOTP 23 include: โ— All new visual improvements! Player faces have been added to in-game 3D models, hundreds of new 3D animation updates have been added, the all-new Cleveland Guardians logos/uniform/stadium is here, along with all-new sortable team statistics and the ability to search for, filter, an...[Read More]


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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP Baseball Go!)

"Markus Heinsohn" OOTP Go was a complete rewrite and has nothing to do with MLB Manager, which was our previous mobile game franchise and last launched in 2018. OOTP Go shares the code base of OOTP 22, while MLB Manager was still based on the OOTP 11(!) code base, so you cannot compare the two. Sharing the code base of...[Read More]


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Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM) 9

All new for Franchise Hockey Manager 9 College hockey is here! American college teams are now playable, allowing you to run one of over 60 Division I teams. Since college hockey has some unique challenges, we've added a number of special mechanics to college team management, including a unique player recruitment s...[Read More]


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Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM) 8

Theย Franchise Hockey Managerย series returns for the 2021-22 season with plenty of new additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. Choose one of dozens of leagues around the world and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize: FHM8 is licens...[Read More]


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OOTP Baseball Go 23

Take the beloved Out of the Park Baseball series with you wherever you go. The Infinite Baseball Sandbox is now in your hands wherever you are in the world! Manage teams, control any franchise throughout MLB History, build and draft your Perfect Team, and so much more! Play what the pros play! Play Your Way ยท Franc...[Read More]


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Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM) 7

The ONLY NHLยฎ-licensed game for PC. Unprecedented realism, featuring NHLยฎ logos, uniforms, and histories for all 31 teams. LIVE EVERY MOMENT. With a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up 2D in-game engine, you see, feel, and can act on every moment in every game. Complete control is now in your hands! REDESIGNED SCOUT...[Read More]