Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 23)

Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 23)

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Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 23)
Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 23)

New features in OOTP 23 include:

โ— All new visual improvements! Player faces have been added to in-game 3D models, hundreds of new 3D animation updates have been added, the all-new Cleveland Guardians logos/uniform/stadium is here, along with all-new sortable team statistics and the ability to search for, filter, and tag in-game news messages!

โ— Unlimited Alternate Uniforms! At long last, you can create Alternate uniforms for your team - and the options are virtually unlimited! Design hat/jersey/pant combinations to your heartโ€™s content, and designate the uniforms for days of the week and/or even specific dates of the year!

โ— All new In-Game Tutorials! For the first time ever, Out of the Park Baseball offers in-game guides highlighting all kinds of interesting information. Rookies and veterans alike will love these simple, powerful explainers - and more will be added all season long based on feedback from the community.

โ— Dramatically updated Live Starts! Our wildly popular Live Starts feature just got massively bigger and better - we now feature Full Minors from Low-A all the way through AAA for each organization whenever you Live Start from any day of the entire 2022 season!

โ— In-game simulation engine upgrades! Weโ€™ve crunched massive amounts of data and crafted a significantly improved in-game core simulation engine, which will benefit not just the traditional Franchise Mode but also Perfect Team! Plus, all-new ratings balances for historical players AND a much-improved version of Negro League player ratings are in place!

โ— New 2022 MLB rules, tactics, playoffs, and strategies! Baseball continues evolving each year - and we have got you covered. From the new playoff structure to the universal DH, the latest and greatest MLB experience is here for you!

โ— New customizable options to create your own unique experience! Ever want to see what ties would be like in MLB? Or change up the playoffs with a full double elimination tournament or greatly expanded Round-Robin options? All sorts of new options are available to tinker with to design your own personal baseball heaven.

โ— New tools for Online Leagues! A new โ€œwaypointsโ€™ system allows online league Commissioners to mark customized simulation dates, and a new โ€œlimited powerโ€ Commissioner option expands the ability for multiple people to help run online leagues.

โ— Many, many more improvements, all built upon the incredibly deep award-winning Out of the Park Baseball engine that has accurately simulated the World Series winner the past three of the past five seasons on MLB Network!

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