Matt S

Matt has been a huge sports fan his entire life and gradually moved from actively playing sports to managing them in sports sims instead. It all started with Madden and High Heat Baseball on the PC back in the old days and morphed into Eastside Hockey Manager, Front Office Football, Draft Day Sports Basketball, and Out of the Park Baseball in more modern times. When not playing sports management games, he spends time with his 4 children and dog, watches movies, and works on yet another college degree.


Very Good

Baseball Mogul 2020 Review – The ‘Other’ Baseball Simulation

With all the attention that other game gets (hint: it’s an acronym), it’s easy to forget there are other sports sims out there; specifically, in the realm of baseball. Let’s be honest, with the Coronavirus pandemic keeping most of us home more than usual, we need as many entertainment options as possible to keep busy until life gets back to normal (whatever β€œnormal” is). I first tried my hand at B...[Read More]