Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020
Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2020

Kicking off the new feature list is the brand new custom play builder! Yeah you read that correctly – now we will see just how good of a football mind you have when you take to the custom play builder. Create offensive and defensive plays, set multiple actions per player and enjoy the total control you have to build the perfect playbook for your team. You can even import and export playbooks so you can share yours with your friends in the community!

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The improvements to game strategy only start with the brand new custom play builder. There are new offensive and defensive formations, late game offensive situational strategies, new offensive and defensive strategies for QB tuck and run and aligning man coverage and totally revamped end game logic. Simulation football has never felt this real!

That’s not even close to all of the new stuff you’ll find in DDS:PF 2020. The team has given you even more control over customizing your league with settings to let you control coach progression, training camp gains, in season training gains, scouting points and the ability to create your own user-configurable overall formula.

Players and coaches come even more alive in DDS:PF 2020 with all new player pictures, team jerseys and coach outfits. New in game news articles and magazines give you a more in-depth look at players and news from around the league and more stats like β€œtargets” for receivers are now in the game.

The interface has also received a refresh with some new additions like mini player cards when hovering over player names, the ability to see play diagrams before calling plays and even weather layers so that you can watch the 2D action unfold on the frozen tundra.

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