Football Club Manager (FCM)

Football Club Manager (FCM)

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Football Club Manager (FCM)
Football Club Manager (FCM)

Experience dynamic football managing game by becoming the football club's manager wherein you will go through team creation, recruiting of players, training, and managing team tactics. Choose from a variety of players, formations, and tactics that will help you to win competition and prestigious leagues.

Matches are played automatically even when you're offline. One season runs for one week and depending on the season results, you may be elevated or demoted.

Matches may be viewed live. Matches are played within their designated schedule. All on-going matches can be watched in either 2D or 3D, and through substitution and/or change of tactics the flow of the game can be changed.

Play with the best players. FC Manager wants to provide you the enjoyment of having real famous players, and therefore we are in the process of obtaining license from K-League and other foreign players.

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