Football Mogul 19

Football Mogul 19

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Football Mogul 19
Football Mogul 19

New For Football Mogul 19

All-New Database For Every Season From 1970 Through 2018

  • Accurate rosters and injury status as of September 2, 2018.
  • Team rosters are now automated instead of being hand-edited.
  • Updated ratings for 18,000+ active and retired players.
  • Accurate NFL schedule for all seasons from 2001-2018.

Downloaded Team Logos and Player Photos Although Football Mogul is not officially licensed by the NFL, it searches the internet for royalty-free logos and player photos each time you play.

2018 Contract Updates We finally built a database of player contracts and salary cap hits for more than 2,200 active players (about 70 players per franchise). Due to some technical issues (such as "dead money") the team salary cap numbers aren't 100% perfect -- but they are much more accurate than previous versions.

Interface Improvements The "Sortable Stats", "Find Players", "Free Agents" and "College Draft" screens are now customizable -- with each screen individually tracking the stats you selected to view and sort by in your previous visit.

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