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Hockey Dynasty
Hockey Dynasty

Hockey Dynasty is an online ice hockey management simulator, giving you the chance to manage and coach your own virtual hockey club against other players from around the world. The game is a realistic simulation of managing a professional hockey club, and will challenge even the most confident armchair GM. Most importantly, Hockey Dynasty is free to play, you only need a web browser and you can manage your team from any device.

As your team's general manager and coach you will manage contracts, scout new talent, set training schedules and tactics, and guide your players as they develop throughout their careers. You can make trades with other players, choose your draft selections, and sign free agents. You also need to manage your team's finances, if you run out of money you can be forced out of your job.

The game world runs in real time, with a season lasting around 4 months. Leagues consist of 30 teams split into two conferences, with 3 divisions per conference. All leagues have a salary cap, entry draft and a tiered structure which allows for promotion/relegation. During the regular season your team will play a match every couple of days, and you can watch matches as they unfold, with live play-by-play and detailed statistics.

Hockey Dynasty features a dynamic match engine that allows you to customize your own tactics and create the team you've always dreamed of. Every player has a different set of skills and talents, and you have the freedom to build the team you want around your preferred style. Whatever your preference, your team's identity is completely up to you, and your future dynasty is in your hands.

Hockey Dynasty is completely free to play!

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