Hockey Legacy Manager 19

Hockey Legacy Manager 19

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Hockey Legacy Manager 19
Hockey Legacy Manager 19

Build the ultimate legacy as the general manager of a professional hockey team. Hockey Legacy Manager is a hockey management game where all your decisions can make or break your season. Manage your team to success through trade, draft, negotiation and more!

Start with an actual contender or build through the draft with a struggling team. Build a dynasty that will last decades.

➜DRAFT YOUR FRANCHISE PLAYER Select the next superstar with the draft to build or extend your dynasty.

➜TRADE AS THE MANAGER Manage your roster to stay under the salary cap limit. Take on bad contracts with additional assets if you're a struggling team or acquire a rental for your playoff push.

➜MANAGE OFFLINE Play whenever you want, wherever you want. With Hockey Legacy Manager, there's no need for an active internet connection to play!

With Hockey Legacy Manager PRO you can play for as long as you want! You can manage your team for decades!

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