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Hockey Legacy Manager 20

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Hockey Legacy Manager 20
Hockey Legacy Manager 20

Hockey Legacy Manager 20 offers a lot of new features to help you better manage your hockey team! You can now hire your scouts, manage your injured players, create your own players and much more. Hockey Legacy Manager 20 lets you play wherever you are. No internet connection required!

Build the ultimate legacy as the general manager of a professional hockey team. Hockey Legacy Manager is a hockey management game where all your decisions can make or break your season. Manage your team to success through trade, draft, negotiation and a lot more! Will you choose a dominant team, or a team that requires a rebuild?

Hockey Legacy Manager 20 brings many new features such as:

NEW SCOUTING ENGINE The new scouting engine allows you to manage your scouting team! You can hire and fire any member of your staff at any time! Manage your scouts efficiently and allows them to become better! Several rookies’ attributes can be unlocked based on the time spent scouting them!

PLAY BY PLAY Watch the action of any game, minute by minute! You will be able to see the detailed stats of current and past games!

INJURIES Give usefulness to your depth players thanks to the new injury engine! Injuries can make a difference in a team's season, so beware of players at risk!

CUSTOM ROSTERS Create your own players with the new player editor! You can also edit every attribute of any current player and make trades to have full control over your next career!

DRAFT CLASS Wondering who are the busts and gems of a draft? You can now see the career statistics of all the drafted players, draft by draft!

RECORDS Keep track of the goal scoring race with the new record page! You can see all time leader for more than 12 statistics, whether it's the regular season or the playoffs!

AND MUCH MORE! - Possibility of buying out a player’s contract! - More stats! - More historical data! - Settings allowing you to have a complete control over your career! - Ability to search any player according to several parameters!

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