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Hockey Legacy Manager 23
Hockey Legacy Manager 23

Hockey Legacy Manager 23 (HLM23) is the ultimate mobile hockey manager experience. Manage all aspects of your hockey team to create the ultimate legacy. Coaches, scouts, drafting, trading, contract negotiations, player development, all this will help you dominate the league for decades.

HLM23 is an offline hockey manager. You can play whenever you want, wherever you want. No internet connection is required!

Each career has its own storyline, as you follow the evolution of the entire league from declining contenders to rising superstars. You can keep track of the whole league record for all positions and teams, of every single draft class, of every player transaction and much more.

Hockey Legacy Manager 23 is fully customizable from players and teams to coaches and leagues!

You can even start your career as far as 1917! You have full control over the league future with the help of expansion drafts!

Hockey Legacy Manager 23 brings many new features to help you manage your hockey team to a deeper level such as:

CUSTOM LEAGUES Create and play with fully customisable leagues

PRESEASON Observe your prospects and manage your lineup cuts before the start of the season

TRADE DEADLINE EVENT Feel the pressure of other teams and the approching deadline

STAFF & SPECIALTIES Assistant GM, head of player development, head scout, medical staff and staff specialties

AWARDS SHOW Trophy history, finalists and suspenseful reveal

CONDITIONAL PICKS Add conditional picks to your trades for a deeper negotiation

You also have the loved feature of previous iterations such as:

HISTORY MODE Start a career in 1917, 1942, 1960, 1980, 2000 or 2010

BATTLE ROYALE Each seasons the 5 worsts teams are eliminated. Will you be the last team standing?

LEAGUE EXPANSION Full control over the league expansions. From 6 teams to 64, custom playoffs, lottery and draft rules.

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