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Hoops Manager
Hoops Manager

Inspired by great sports simulations of the past like OOTP, Front Page Sports Football and Championship Manager, Hoops Manager is a full featured career sports simulation for the iPad giving you complete control of a pro basketball team. On the GM side, it includes: salary cap, bird rights, min and max salaries, free agents, trades (up to 3 teams and including draft picks), draft lottery and entry draft, awards, player retirement, team and player name editing and more.

On the Coaching side, an advanced simulation engine plays each game based on the player ratings (13 including court vision, ball control defense, three point shooting, and more) and your choices including: depth chart and substitutions, timeouts, offensive set, defensive set, pace, pass to priority, with ball preference without ball preference, post shot actions (offensive and defensive), and coverage type as well as training camp and player development/ injuries. Hoops manager also tracks and stores statistics (traditional and advanced) for current season and past seasons giving you multiple data sources to base your critical decisions upon.

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