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Staff, Writers, Bloggers and Contributors to GM Games


Chris Valius

Founder & Director

It has been my mission statement to find those with the same passion for this genre and share the incredible intelligent accomplishments of those making these algorithms for the pleasure of our amusement. I want to help all the indie developers and bring the immersion and realism of these games to the next level.


John Comey

Senior Contributor

John Comey has been in the sim gaming community for nearly twenty years, and has justified his bachelors in journalism by writing close to 5,000 pages worth of content for his online leagues over the years. He has collaborated and contributed to products with Wolverine Studios, Grey Dog Software, and Out of the Park Developments.



Senior Hockey Contributor

archibalduk is founder and webmaster of The Blue Line, an Eastside Hockey Manager community and resource which he has been running since 2004. He has been a tester for the Eastside Hockey Manager and Franchise Hockey Manager series of games for a number of years now.



Senior Contributor

Amazedbygrace86 enjoys sports, videogames and writing. His first love is basketball, but he also thoroughly enjoys football, tennis, baseball and soccer. He’s a long-time fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Dayton Flyers and New York Yankees. He’s blessed to be the husband of a wonderful wife and father to an amazing son.



Senior Baseball Contributor

packerman120 enjoys playing video games and watching movies and sports in his free time. For years he has been a miserable Brewers fan, hoping that one day they might actually win. On top of the Brewers, he also supports the Green Bay Packers, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Montreal Canadiens. He also writes on his own blog with two of his friends under the moniker “The Couch Potatoes”


Brandon Warne

Senior Baseball Contributor

Brandon Warne lives in Plymouth, Minnesota with his wife Amanda and their two cats Buster and Oscar. Brandon is a 2010 graduate of the journalism program at Northwestern (Minn.) College. In addition to GM Games, Brandon writes for FanGraphs, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, TwinkieTown, and a handful of other media outlets.


Andrew Schade

Senior Contributor

A computer science student and varsity track and field athlete, Andrew has found a something that blends his passions for sports, video games, and programming, in Sports management games. He spends a lot of his time studying and going to practice, but also enjoys music, and the company of his pets.