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Mock GM

Mock GMยฎ is designed with you in mind. Take an executive role as a GM and manage a current NBA team under the same collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as real NBA GMs, or create a sports agency as an Agent and negotiate NBA contracts, initiate trades, and buyouts for your favorite players. Think you have the skills to call the shots for your favorite NBA team or player? Get started.

OPTIONS. By seamlessly combining real-world elements of the NBA with infinite fantasy options, Mock GMยฎ is one of the most unique fantasy sports games you can find. From buyouts, to free agency to sending players overseas, you can enjoy excitement almost as addictive as the NBA year itself.

REAL COMPETITION. Check out any NBA blog, website or message board during the typical offseason, and there will inevitably be someone talking about the moves they would make to fix their favorite team. If only they knew how challenging it is to make these moves with 29 other GMs trying to do the same. Mock GM simulates real world NBA negotiations by cramming 30 active GMs into one league as well as an unlimited number of Sports Agencies

MORE THAN JUST TALK. If youโ€™re a GM, your end goal is to acquire the right players at the right price. Sure, there are bad contracts in the NBA, but what would you do if a player that could make your team better was just within reach? Meet his financial demands or let the competition lock him up in a 5-year deal?

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES โ€“ FOR ANY TEAM. In Mock GMยฎ, it's not about where you start -- it's about where you end up at the end of the offseason. What you end up with wonโ€™t necessarily be the team you inherited. It's up to you to be creative and manage all of the moving pieces involving your team while maintaining a salary cap or satisfying the needs of the players you manage as well as the Agents who represent those players because they count on your activity during the season when it comes to their rating.


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