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Pennant Chase Basketball

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Pennant Chase Basketball
Pennant Chase Basketball

Pennant Chase Basketball is the home of free basketball simulation leagues, using real-life stats from the history of pro basketball. You can join any number of automated and customized leagues, featuring players from 1974 onward, when most stats were tracked. Automated leagues provide a quick way to join the action, while creative custom leagues offer unique dynasty experiences.

Manage your team, make trades, control your budget, draft prospects, commish a league, follow full play-by-play of every game - you'll be amazed at what Pennant Chase offers for free!

Most users play in automated public leagues. These leagues are easy to jump in and play:

  • Pick from a variety of leagues, featuring different player pools
  • Enjoy two to three sims a day, with the ability for users to sim games every 8 hours
  • 82-game schedules and playoffs
  • Modify team name, ballpark and logo
  • Offer, approve, reject trades
  • View box scores and play-by-play of every game
  • Track team power rankings
  • View All-Stars and Award candidates throughout season
  • Adjust on-court strategy
  • Modify lineups and rotations
  • Drop players and sign free agents
  • Ten seasons of historic stats kept for every league!
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