Pocket GM 21 Football


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Pocket GM 21 Football
  • Game slots: You can run 3 simultaneous games with no danger of accidentally saving over the wrong one.

  • Rosters: Can be default, random or imported (once one is created...any volunteers?)

  • Speed: Things should run faster, but I’ve not been able to test a deep game yet. If you see things slowing down let me know as there is room to optimise on this front

  • GM profile: Create your GM and track overall stats. In time, I plan to add more features to this, including ability to change team. The ‘Go On Holiday’ feature exists BUT is really slow right now, so I’d advise against using it right now. To be optimised!

  • Players: More skills, stats and detail. Development has also changed to become less linear. Some players will be early bloomers and others late.

  • Teams: I will be adding Team History, but haven’t got around to this yet. Largely unchanged as things stand

  • Standings/Stats: Player stats added as well as fantasy points + playoff screen. Records tab is currently blank - I’m working on this still.

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