Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2023

Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2023

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Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2023
Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) 2023

Coaching is not just asking a player to setup a specific play at a specific time. A successful coach has a set of unique plays that can decide the fate of a game when it matters the most, when the game is on the line! In PBM23 you can create your own plays and call them during the games to take your opponent off-guard. Don’t call the same plays too often though, as your opponent will adapt and try to outsmart you.


Be it individual players or teams, you have a whole range of statistics at your fingertips which allow you to manage your progress. You can thus check on your players’ performances (past and present), evaluate your own career, or even look back through the archives of the games of any team featured in PBM23.


Through our in-depth scouting system, you can send your scouts around the world to be on the lookout for the next best players to make it to the top. Train your players collectively, but also individually to get the best results. Improve your club's finances by improving your arena to generate extra revenue.


3D mode: Follow the on-court action, making tactical changes on the fly and assigning your own plays to a player. 2D mode: If you prefer, you can also follow the game in 2D. Text mode: You can also follow the game through a series of text messages that will detail the action on the court. If you cannot wait any longer for the result, you can skip a quarter or even the entire game for an immediate result.

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