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APBA dates back to the 1930s and a bunch of high-school buddies in Lancaster, PA. The boys played a baseball simulation game invented by one of them, Dick Seitz. His game was loosely based on an old tabletop baseball game called National Pastime. But unlike any previous board game, it combined the randomness of dice with the on-field performances of individual players. The boys called themselves the American Professional Baseball Association. That appellation soon was whittled down to its essential form: APBA. So while APBA is still an acronym for that first baseball simulation league, the word has taken on a meaning of its own. The game is APBA, and the word is pronounced β€œApp’Bah” – a term as slick and condensed as the game.


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APBA Baseball Online (APBAGO)

Commissioner tools, file management system, real-time draft, league limit alerts, trades, stats, standings, trade history, draft results, user rankings, community tools, and much, much more! Manage multi-owner leagues more efficiently with a: File management system and Commissioner tools Real-time draft for ...[Read More]