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RedZoneAction is a game where you have to develop a team, and you are the manager. You have to take care of all of the duties of managing a successful American Football Club. You have to take care of finances, from preparing the income basics,to running the fan shop. You're also Head Coach, Coordinator, Manager, and the team mother behind the scenes. Without your advice the guys on the field will play as badly as an Elementary School Football team playing in the park around the corner on Sunday afternoon. So you have to prepare your guys, have to sign contracts, you have to look for Young Talent and develop them into your future Super stars. You have to set the tactics. You have to hire doctors and consultants and so short: YOU are the guy that leads your team to THE BOWL, or even to hell. The power and pressure all lies with you. You run the team from the front office to the field, all completely for free!

Want to have a speedy passing attack or is power rushing more your style? Do you want to control the line of scrimmage or rely on your defense to steal the ball away to win the game? Use your depth chart and playbook to decide how your team makes your gameplan happen. We don`t just toss numbers out there and see what happens. We play football!

What makes different from other football sims out there? We stay true to the American style of football, by featuring a 3-days-draft, playoffs and a championship that is decided on the field.

All of this and more is available here in! It`s time to play the game!

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