Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS)

Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS)

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Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS)
Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS)

The Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS) is a culmination of years of experience in fantasy hockey. From the days of HLS and HLS2 to Wayne Gretzky Hockey to even into the EA Sports franchise for Sega, the author of UHS has been involved with Fantasy Hockey for a very long time.

It wasn't until we grew tired of the old HLS2 system and the permanent bugs found therein (Bethesda had decided to no longer support it) that we decided we could probably do better. FHLSim was already stagnant and Eastside Hockey Manager was in it's infancy. There was nothing out there that could truly meet all of our simulation needs.

So with some PHP, MySQL and a little Javascript, we created UHS. It has gone through several major overhauls in both the design and logic categories. This is our third layout re-design... the first was simply a white HTML page with a bunch of links. The second and probably more familiar to you is the one we've been using where it was still very simple but definitely had a more aesthetic feel to it. We felt it was time for a change... a move away from the white towards the dark side... something more visually appealing.

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