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Underworld Football Manager

Underworld Football Manager 2017 is a free online soccer manager game. Build a soccer empire! Take over a run-down city and soccer club - and reach the top at any cost... Deal, bribe, scheme and strike to be an elite soccer tycoon. Outwit rival managers to win the championship. Build up your city, train your team, sign star players, master questionable skills and resort to dirty tactics and corruption to take down rival club managers... Even before the referee blows the whistle.

KEY FEATURES • Compete online for free against real life opponents in the league and tournaments • Take over an unknown city and build an empire • Win by corruption: Spy on your opposition, then assault, bribe and vandalise them. • Pit your top eleven players against real life opponents. • Level up and earn skills to gain "unfair" advantages over rivals. • Or take on a fairer strategy but make sure you defend yourself from rivals • Sign and develop soccer stars. • Cooperate with friends and take down the toughest opposition. • Train your team and give them items. • Bid against other managers in live player auctions • Cross-platform strategy game: coach your team against users on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire • Evolve from small-time gangster to godfather of Underworld Football Manager

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