Pennant Chase – Baseball Simulation

User Rating: 10

Pennant Chase is a Baseball Simulation game. I started playing this game about a year and a half ago. About the same time they took Daily Fantasy Sports away from my state. It helps scratch that itch I had with Daily Fantasy Sports. However this is NOT a gambling website. Its a have fun website. It makes you use your brain. So if you are like me, at my age, that is key to keeping your mind sharp. It is very competitive. There are lots of stats and you can see how you stack up against all the other players. It is a free game. However, even if it was not free I would still play. It does not look like its free, because its that good of a game. If you like baseball you will LOVE Pennant Chase. If you LOVE baseball like I do, you will have a hard time getting your honey do list completed because you will be playing so much.