A virtual virtual sports community lifer

I’m a virtual virtual sports community lifer.While I was unaware of the vast world of mail leagues (that’s antiquated, your-grandpas-snail-mail mail leagues, where you rolled dice to see who got a hit, not hit a button), I became quite in tune with the world of online sim gaming.  My first taste, which happened to be the only online league run by OOTP dynasty legend DreamTeams, came in...[Read More]

If there’s a text sim, I’ve probably owned it

I knew there was something wrong with me right around the time I bought Front Page Sports Baseball Pro ’98. When I broke open the box with Randy Johnson on the cover and installed the Sierra Sports classic, I played it like you were “supposed to” play sports video games, meaning I mashed buttons on the keyboard and played arcade style. To my 16-year-old mind, the game didn’t seem all that di...[Read More]

The Beauty of Hockey Simulation

There are two things I’ve always loved to do. Follow sports and tell stories. From an early age — as soon as I could walk, really — I was playing sports, watching them on TV, and using my imagination to create worlds of my own. I loved playing the early console games: your early Maddens, the NHL 94 type games, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and so on. I played them so much that I wore ...[Read More]