John Comey pays a visit to DDSCB20 and shares his impressions

Normally, I review games from Wolverine Studios for GM Games. This year, I got a new job, which involved me taking over a second grade classroom for a teacher on maternity leave. In March. As you could expect, this cut into my time significantly, to the point that I could not write a preview for this year’s game. That was upsetting, but such is life. Then, well, everything that has happened since ...[Read More]

Stanners review of Basketball GM – So many features packed in to one game (2020)

Basketball GM is a free single-player browser-based basketball simulation game by Dumbmatter / Jeremy Scheff. I have been playing it daily for around two years now and the amount of depth, yet simplicity of it, keeps me coming back for more. The work the developer has put into this game really shines through and the constant update and additions truly make it one of the premier games of this genre...[Read More]

Realizing a Kid’s Dream of Computerized Baseball

Growing up in the 1950s, we did not have PlayStations, Nintendos, or Xboxes—no video games at all. We did not have 150 channels on cable or satellite TV or VHS movies or DVDs. We had no surround sound or CDs, no cell phones, no personal computers, and no Internet. But we did have our imaginations, and we made up games. One game I played was dice baseball. In college in 1970, I programmed a basebal...[Read More]

A virtual virtual sports community lifer

I’m a virtual virtual sports community lifer.While I was unaware of the vast world of mail leagues (that’s antiquated, your-grandpas-snail-mail mail leagues, where you rolled dice to see who got a hit, not hit a button), I became quite in tune with the world of online sim gaming.  My first taste, which happened to be the only online league run by OOTP dynasty legend DreamTeams, came in...[Read More]

If there’s a text sim, I’ve probably owned it

I knew there was something wrong with me right around the time I bought Front Page Sports Baseball Pro ’98. When I broke open the box with Randy Johnson on the cover and installed the Sierra Sports classic, I played it like you were “supposed to” play sports video games, meaning I mashed buttons on the keyboard and played arcade style. To my 16-year-old mind, the game didn’t seem all that di...[Read More]

The Beauty of Hockey Simulation

There are two things I’ve always loved to do. Follow sports and tell stories. From an early age — as soon as I could walk, really — I was playing sports, watching them on TV, and using my imagination to create worlds of my own. I loved playing the early console games: your early Maddens, the NHL 94 type games, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and so on. I played them so much that I wore ...[Read More]