Dynasty Manager 2016 (DM16)

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Dynasty Manager 2016 (DM16)
Dynasty Manager 2016 (DM16)

- All updated rosters and player stats. - Inclusion of 70 upcoming rookies. - "Switch" between box scores and play by play mode. - Retract offer made to a player in free agency. - In "Statistics" you can now view a list of Rookie leaders. - Player Traits included on inbuilt players like Future hall of Fame and Show Pony - Add HOF tracking so now you will see which players made the hall of fame when retiring. - Cycle through coaches with + and - buttons like you can with players.

- Smarter AI, teams will now intentional foul when "Watching" games and take advantage of time management. - Resolved issues some users experienced with slide menus. - Pressing next all the time at the end of the season is removed. - Introduce new play by play and play calling features. Get your favorite player the ball for the last shot. - update of many UI buttons. - Choose to intentional foul, running out shot clock, or take fast shots to better control game time. - "Inspire" players in game to reduce their in game fatigue. - Ability to import players name, stats, teams, logos, from .csv file

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(Updated Oct 2017) Exclusive NBA players and logos download for Dynasty Manager (DM16)

GM Games is the official host of Dynasty Manager 16 (logos & roster) DM16 files. Dynasty Manager...[Read More]

  • ali

    When DM 17 coming out

    • Adriann Rhoy Alde Santos

      Hello. I have observe that scores by teams are unsually higher. Most of the games of my team reaches 120 or even 130. Is it possible for you to somehow calibrate it lower than that?

  • Adriann Rhoy Alde Santos

    Hello. I have observed that scores by teams are unsually higher. Most of the games of my team reaches 120 or even 130. Can you adjust it to a realistic one?

  • UPDATED ROSTERS courtesy of (Timi Aboderin) http://gmgames.org/dm16logos/NBA2017.csv

    • Matt Galvin

      As after Draft? Is the Game Free and like OTTP?

  • New roster files have been added on April 22, 2017

  • giorgi matua

    This game is great but i think it should be added georgia in scouting there are many young interesting players. Georgia deserves to be in this game. Many georgians are playing this game and this would encourige them to play more.

  • Malik Ellis

    When is dm 17 coming out

  • New October 2017 NBA Roster File Up in MODS