Coming soon. The most anticipated sports manager games to be released.


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Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019

The first thing you will see when starting a new career is the new “Career Mode”. This mode gives you the opportunity to create your head coach and then face the pressure of living up to expectations. Fall short and get canned. This brand new feature brings a whole new dimension to DDS: Co...[Read More]


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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019

Our beautiful 2019 UI has made it’s way to DDS:CB as well. Everything you want to access is available with a quick click and we’ve reorganized some screens like the recruiting screen to make it a little bit easier to find what you’re looking for and not be too overwhelmed. The most exci...[Read More]


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Front Office Football 9 (FOF9)

The Front Office Football internals are converted to a form that works for a multi-platform environment and for anticipated future structural changes. The GUI framework is taking shape and we're ready for the potent magic of graphic design. I'll go into a little detail about one of thos...[Read More]


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Cricket Coach 3

Features thus far: An up-to-date database Available on major mobile platforms iOS, Android, WP


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GoalLine Stand Football

Open Source Project for an American Football Management Simulation type game(like Football Manager, OOTP Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager, etc). Coded in VB.Net/C# Specifically, this game utilizes some pretty cool hybrid technology, leveraging DotNetBrowser and the Chromium Embedded F...[Read More]


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Football President

Football President is an online MMO which pits players against real life human opponents as well as AI generated characters. Once a player creates a character in one of the numerous game worlds running, they can bid for one of thousands of real life clubs and begin shaping the destiny of t...[Read More]