Pennant Wars

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Best Baseball Sim & Play From Anywhere

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Things I love about Pennant Wars:

  1. An entire season takes a month in real life. Just the right pace to develop your players and guide your team.
  2. The community is great. I enjoy interacting with the other GMs.
  3. There are multiple leagues (seven currently), each its own universe. I dare you to try just one team.
  4. Continual updates. New stuff is always being added, much of it suggested by GMs playing the game.
  5. Realistic sim and stats. None better out there.
  6. Drafting, player development, trading, free agency, scouting, budgets, etc. It’s all here.
  7. The promotion/relegation mechanic between the divisions in each league. It can be gut-wrenching!
  8. Free trial season means you get up to a month of real life play to try it out. Seasons after that are very reasonably priced, cheaper when you buy multi-season packs.
  9. You can play from anywhere.

After finding PW, I won’t play any other baseball sims or fantasy leagues.