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On the Go Baseball Sim with a Great Community

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If you love Sabermetrics and want to unleash your inner Billy Beane, PennantWars is your game.

PW is an online based baseball sim that lets you take the reins of your own franchise.  You determine the destiny of your squad and dictate it’s path to success.  Do you want to build from within through scouting, draft, and development? Do you prefer to throw your chips ‘all in’ and spending heavily on free agency? PW appeals to both strategies, or anywhere in between.

PW is a highly interactive online based SIM that is optimized for both mobile/home game play.  A strong community of ‘die hards’ is there to assist you as you guide your squad from Division 4 to Division 1, with the ultimate goal of winning the league championship. Discuss strategy, trades, or just trash-talk along the way.

There are 6 SIM’s per day, and each season plays out over the course of about 6 “real” weeks, so if it’s not your season, a new one is just around the corner.

Game-play is updated regularly, by an accessible developer who drives updates based on user input.

Your first season is free, renewal pricing is very reasonable.

Check out PennantWars today.