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Very Good

Excellent in Theory – but has some unfortunate flaws

The game has so many pros about it. It’s a really fun baseball sim – with lots of cool intricacies about it. It’s got a nice stat system, and has league and world playoffs. The community is fairly large (maybe 50-100 active managers as of Jan 2017) and while it can totally eat your time, you can get by spending maybe 15-20 min per day on the game. The owners/admin are constantly ...[Read More]



A fantastic free online baseball sim game

An awesome free online baseball game – so many different league options, draft players from any era, creative custom leagues designed by individual commissioners – difficult to master, but easy to dive in.



Seattle Marvols

This game is total fun! Lots of teams; rivalries under way; free agents and trades; and – the big thing for me – you don’t have to watch it all the time. Instead, you choose your lineup and go about your day. FranchiseBall is a great game! Finally – inexpensive too



Simply Amazing

Franchise Ball is simply incredible! There is no other game like this one. Franchise Ball has a very active and easy-to-use social network where you can make new friends, negotiate trades, and even bid on players! Go make a team right now!



If you’re into sim games you’ll be into this

Simple, easy to learn game. The details of this game are what set it apart from most games. Personality traits, confidence, health, happiness, and more. There are quite a few leagues in most worlds in the game, so your mission doesn’t end with a championship, you can keep moving up. I’ve been playing for a few weeks and could see myself playing for a few years. I would highly recommend...[Read More]



Potential, but still not delivering

I bought and attempted to play the original FHM, and decided not to take a stab on FHM2 because of my initial disappointment.  Based on what I was seeing from the pregame information, I decided to give FHM 3 a shot.  To put it in the TL;DR version, its simply not there yet.  With another option out there with a lower price point and accurate season opening rosters getting ready to be released, FHM...[Read More]



Best basketball sim out there

Great updates from previous versions. The in game controls give “watching” each game an authentic coach experience.



Dissapointed with FHM 3

I have been playing sports simulations since the late 80s and basically buy all the newest versions of all the top sports sims out there year by year. I was excited when OOTPB announced they would be making FHM innitially, however i quickly dumped the first game. When #2 came out i simply ignored it, but decided to spend my hard earned $ on the 3rd edition. Personally i think this was a huge mista...[Read More]



You get what you pay for

It’s a free game, so you can’t really complain that much–you get what you pay for. I played for probably 4 or 5 years (real life years) and it became more of a chore/work about half way through, but I was too stubborn to quit. The faults are numerous, but I guess sort of charming in their own way if you’ve been around for a while.  The actual simulation engine itself is pre...[Read More]



Nothing better at this price point

I don’t usually give out perfect scores, but for something as in depth, enjoyable, and FREE, you can’t go wrong!  I have been an owner in CSFBL for over 14 years spanning hundreds of seasons.  If you love baseball, love statistics, and love the added element of community; this is the game for you.  There are a lot of great, dedicated people making this FREE game the most fun it can be....[Read More]



Great Game One of my Favorites

I can’t give it a ten because it is a work in progress but that’s also what makes it a 9.5. The developers are constantly adding things, thanks smittias, and evolving the game. It is a very stat heavy sim but they aren’t everything as ratings also mean a lot. No matter if you obsess over every little detail or like to play hands off and check on stats once a year it is a great ga...[Read More]



Baseball sim

This is by far the best baseball game on the planet if u enjoy owning and running ur own team (franchise)highly addictive

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