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Great game!

been playing the game for years. The developers have been insanely helpful and receptive to the community and the game has turned out great. Simply the best online Hockey management game available. 



The best sim

Just a great all around sim. The interface is great, the features etc



GM Mode Good – Manager Mode Fails

I have had many seasons of OOTP and it used to be my favorite game. It has gone downhill since Perfect Team became their focus (and I have zero interest in Perfect Team). I recommend the game to anyone interested in only playing as the GM. You can then simulate or watch allowing your manager and coaches do their jobs. If they are failing then replace them preferably with staff you have developed i...[Read More]



Very very good hockey manager

This is great manager game, maybe the best hockey manager around (at least that I know of). Highly addicting. The creators are very active and still improving the game experience.



A rare gem for hockey enthusiasts

I was looking for a good hockey manager game for years before stumbling upon Game Plan Hockey Manager (GPHM) about 1,5 years ago. It’s been mostly a pleasant ride as a part of very friendly and supportive community. The quality of the game has been trending upward the entire time, reaching the highest pinnacle yet with the recent launch of 2.0 that improved the game on all fronts and introdu...[Read More]



Awesome game

By far best online hockey manager. Great realistic feel, nice community and game where owners and developers actually listen to people to make it even better.



Great Game, Toxic Community

The game itself, minus the community would earn a 10/10. For a free, browser-based baseball manager sim, this game hits all the points perfectly. Winning gives you a sense of fulfillment and success while losing can actually make you feel real disappointment. The play-by-play is fun to watch and keep track of like you’re at an actual game, or you can just set your lineup and pitching options...[Read More]


Why Bother


I have a wast experience in playing football manager games, it be online or against CPU. My first ever experience was Kick Off Player Manager to Amiga. I also played the very first CM that came out in the early 90’s. I have played ManagerZone for more than a decade, and the development of the game has been rather slow. There has been a lot of changes in management, and the current on is amon...[Read More]




Really good game for free and has a great community



By far the best baseball sim game on the internet

Franchise Ball is an amazing game, lots of fun and has a really great community. It is easily the best baseball management game out there. Super realistic, lots of great features, and just a really fun game all-around. You can play for free and still have a whole lot of fun. The season is only 1 month long, so you get a new shot at competing each month. Some teams even have websites and Facebook p...[Read More]


Very Good

Underworld Football Manager

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DDS Pro Golf–A great game!

DDSPG (Pro GOlf) is a fun game that gives you the opportunity to create and develop a pro golfer for as long a career as you desire. Your golfer is very customizable as are the other aspects of the game (tours, tournaments, equipment, courses, etc). The game comes with fictional players but there is already a mod with real golfers. There are now 8 extremely beautiful and detailed courses with more...[Read More]