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Hockey Universe 2015

FORGET MY FIRST POST, THIS ONE IS THE GOOD ONE   Probably the finest AI available from a hockey management sim. Forget everything you know about fancy trades. This game is the real deal regarding trades. The GUI is simple and does the job. You can do whatever you want in this game, and then some: trades, drafts, trophies nominations, obey to your boss, fire your coach and try to trade a disgr...[Read More]



Great Sim Without Typical Pitfalls of Genre

Baseball sim games have never been known for their ease of use or user friendliness. By embracing the social web and modern technology, Pennant Wars looks to challenge those genre tropes. Putting you in control of a franchise in one of its fictional baseball worlds, Pennant Wars has all of the basics in place that you’d expect. What sets the game apart, in my mind, are its four major selling...[Read More]