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Baseball Star
Baseball Star

Baseball Star is a free baseball simulation game where you create virtual baseball players and manage their career. Each virtual player exists in their own simulation but compete on global leaderboards.

Each player participates in 6 simulated games per day (once every 3 hours) and receives Stars based on their performance. Stars are used to upgrade a player by increasing attributes such as hitting power, contact rate, base running, and more.

Each of your player's games is simulated based on your player's attributes, in-game factors, and real-life historical data. Our simulation engine is fine-tuned to mimic real baseball's ups, downs, and crazy moments.

During each season you earn achievements (Player of the Week, Player of the Month, Game MVP, and more) and can be selected to the All-Star game, as well be voted as the league's MVP.

Each season takes about a month (27 days) to simulate and after your first 2 seasons your original contract will end. At this point you will enter free agency and may receive contract offers from other teams. Your previous team may also send you a contract offer if they wish to retain your talents. If your player has underachieved then you may be forced into retirement (no contract offers). If this happens then you can just create a new player and try again. As in reality, not all players have long careers. All of your retired players are saved to your account and are still listed on leaderboards.

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