Basket Manager 2017 Pro

Basket Manager 2017 Pro

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Basket Manager 2017 Pro
Basket Manager 2017 Pro

Basket Manager 2017 is a free game in which you take control of a basketball team in a professional league for several seasons. Build your own dynasty. Now BM 17 has a new career mode, engine simulation improved, CPU Transfers, historic data of players and seasons played.

You can do your lineup, transfer players, sign free agents, designate your stars and see the stats of all the players and teams.

Use the draft to get new stars in the league. Take a good look at them in summer league.

Our goal is not to make an ultra-realistic game, but a simple game that is easy to use and allows to feel the sensation of carrying a team to win a ring.

This is the humble work of a couple of friends in his spare time. We onโ€™t have the resources of big studios, but we do have tons of illusion. Keep this in mind when judging the game, please, and remember we will try to improve it from time to time, itโ€™s a โ€œcontinous gameโ€, not a finished one.

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