Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020

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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020

This season we have completely rebuilt the game on the brand new Alchemium Unlimited platform which has allowed us to deliver the most attractive version of the game yet. As you can see the entire UI has been redeveloped giving you the ability to easily move around your association while giving you access to the impressive amount of data and reports in the game.

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It is not just screens, data and functionality that are new to Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020 either. Thanks to the feedback of our community we’ve incorporated a slew of other changes as well. Here’s a short list of just some of the new features.

  • There are now 353 teams to choose from in the game
  • Play by play logs can be generated for games
  • Scheduling has been redone to allow for 20 game conference schedules
  • Teams get use of an extra scholarship immediately when an underclassmen declares for the draft
  • The Tournament Maker feature has an option to auto generate an entire tournament bracket
  • In game improvements in presentation for things like the selection show and playing out tournament games from the championship tournament
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