Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019

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Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019

The first thing you will see when starting a new career is the new “Career Mode”. This mode gives you the opportunity to create your head coach and then face the pressure of living up to expectations. Fall short and get canned. This brand new feature brings a whole new dimension to DDS: College Football – just don’t get fired because who knows where you might end up!

We’re also excited for some big changes to recruiting in the game. First, players can now transfer and you will have an opportunity to recruit those transfers prior to the start of each new season. We also know that recruiting isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite past time so we’ve added both an auto-recruit and auto-scout mode to help you do some or all of the dirty work on the recruiting trail. By the way, take a look at the brand new user interface which puts all of the game links at a glance on the left side so that anything you want to find in the game is just a quick click away.

For all you coach wanna-be’s out there you’ll be in heaven with the new features in the depth chart and strategy sections. Fans of DDS College Football will appreciate these additions as you will now have the ability to setup multiple packages on offense and defense, see how all of your players line up in the formations in graphical format, setup the percentage you want to use each formation, create custom playbooks full of your favorite plays and analyze how each play works out for you. You’ll feel just like a real head coach!

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