January 2019


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Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019

The first thing you will see when starting a new career is the new β€œCareer Mode”. This mode gives you the opportunity to create your head coach and then face the pressure of living up to expectations. Fall short and get canned. This brand new feature brings a whole new dimension to DDS: College Football – just don’t ge...[Read More]


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College Football Coach (iOS)

Recruit. Strategize. Win. Take control of your own college football program and bring it to glory! In College Football Coach, you play the newly-hired head coach at your college of choice. As head coach, it will be your responsibility to manage your team's strategy, play through seasons, recruit new players, and abov...[Read More]


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World Hockey Manager

BUILD YOUR TEAM AND BECOME A CHAMPION WITH WORLD HOCKEY MANAGER! Pick your team, appoint your staff and choose the right tactics to achieve international hockey success. World Hockey Manager puts you at the heart of your club. How far you go is up to you. GRETZKY WILL GUIDE YOU TO SUCCESS β€œThe Great One” Wayne Gre...[Read More]


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Hockey-Online Manager (HOL)

* Based on NHL rules * Games played every day, 34-games regular season and 4-round playoffs until 3 wins in round * Draft and school * Trades and market are available. You can trade draftpicks (max 3), players (max 3) and money in one deal. Also you can sale/buy draftpicks and players for money. * 10 buildings avai...[Read More]