Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018

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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018
  • Control the vision, development, and strategy of a professional basketball franchise over decades.
  • Historical replay mode lets you rewrite history.
  • Draft college prospects, sign free agents, hire your coaching staff and put together blockbuster trades.
  • Choose from a variety of league setup options to create your own โ€œdream leagueโ€
  • Realistic, detailed financial models. Juggle the budget expectations of your teamโ€™s owner and the salary cap to build a winner.
  • Financial changes allowing the salary and luxury cap as well as player salaries to increase over time.
  • Build your basketball championship team according to your unique philosophies and strategies.
  • Manage the egos and personalities on your team. Do you support your coaches or trade the players?
  • Robust stat tracking from individual player shot charts, advanced stats like PIE and lineup tracking to let you see what combos work best.
  • Combine stats added for rookies to use for scouting rookies to draft.
  • Fully playable European League and a full 32 team development league.
  • Ability to expand your league through the years via expansion draft.
  • โ€œMatchup Makerโ€ feature allows you to pit any two teams from the past against each other.
  • โ€œTournament Makerโ€ feature allows you to run a 16 team exhibition tournament with teams from the past.
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