Football Manager (FM20) 2020

Football Manager (FM20) 2020

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Football Manager (FM20) 2020
Football Manager (FM20) 2020

Meeting the expectations of the board has always been one of your key tasks in Football Manager but for FM20 we’ve overhauled the entire boardroom experience to make it more unique to each team and tied into the long-term progression of the club.


We strive to make each year’s match experience in Football Manager the best looking in the series and this year is no different with a renewed effort to introduce a range of graphical improvements that will make the match look more realistic than ever in FM20.


One of the ways that Football Manager continues to replicate the world of football with such accuracy is our huge network of help from people who work in the real football world. From improved advice and feedback to new roles altogether, in FM20 you'll have more support available to you from your staff than before.


Football Manager 2020 has redefined and reenvisioned player development, an aspect of the game that is high on the priority list of every player. Becoming a manager gives you the chance to carefully control over how you bring through talent while overseeing the progress of your important players too.


As part of our announcement of the headline features for FM20 last month we showed you a glimpse of what you can expect to see from the match graphics when the game releases on November 19th. In this blog we’re going to showcase some of the improvements to the AI and new animations as well as overall changes to the wider match experience.

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