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Geeked-Out Basketball
Geeked-Out Basketball

Geeked-Out Basketball is a deeply immersive mobile strategy game designed to test your mettle as a basketball coach.

If you understand hoops, you'll be able to pick up this game and instantly compete. But if you plan to master it, you'll need to use your basketball IQ to think critically and make smart coaching decisions.

This game is unique because it challenges you on two levels. First, you'll need to be adept at the X's & O's. Smart game plans and timely in-game adjustments will be key. But you also need to manage the human component. Momentum, emotions, locker room chemistry and other intangible factors will all impact your ability to win games. Β 

And best of all, the game is custom-built for your mobile device. No clunky gameplay mechanics in trying to recreate a console game on the small screen. No long and arduous on-boarding process. And absolutely no "pay to win" necessary. You can jump right in and compete.Β 

Your level of success will be determined by one thing -- your strategic coaching ability.

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