Indoor Football Manager (IFM)

Indoor Football Manager (IFM)

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Indoor Football Manager (IFM)
Indoor Football Manager (IFM)

Indoor Football Manager is a managerial football game using the 50-yard arena/indoor football rules. This is not based on the old school ironman style arena league; players only play one-way, which is the newer indoor football model. In Indoor Football Manager you will manage all aspects of your team including signing, trading, drafting and even training players as well as setting up your strategy and depth chart for gameday.

In IFM you will be able to setup a league with between 6 and 48 teams with anywhere from 1 to 4 divisions in 1 or 2 conferences. The game features 74 pre-defined custom teams but the teams, divisions, conferences and league are all fully customizable. IFM is geared towards online play and has functionality to run a multiplayer league with ease. IFM is currently in active development with no timetable for full release.

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