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Progression Football

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Progression Football
Progression Football
Progression Football is a realistic professional football simulation game. As a General Manager, users control a team's roster management, depth charts, player contracts, rookie scouting, rookie drafting, gameplay strategy, trades, coach boosts, team upgrades, and more! The game is online and supports single-player or multiplayer leagues. League history, all-time stats for Teams and Players, draft results, player awards,

league standings, player progression, and scores from every game are saved and can be reviewed at any time!

Game simulations are performed using a custom-built simulation engine, which takes into account each player on the field to determine the most realistic outcome of every play!

Teams that are not managed by a user will be managed by the CPU AI. CPU teams will obey the rules and make decisions based on the same information available to human users. This overall concept was a major inspiration for creating Progression Football, as other popular games resorted to the CPU having their own rules in order to stay competitive. Progression Football strives to be realistic, fair, and exciting in its simulations! Users can also earn Achievements, and optionally participate in digital card collecting to unlock extra customizations!

The goal of Progression Football is to successfully perform the roles of General Manager over multiple seasons to win the PFL Championship and build a team into a legendary football dynasty!

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